Hi friendlies. I swear a lot and act like a crass monkey (see? that was a rather insulting thing to say about myself! (for example)) a lot on this blog. This is your official warning that should you enter, you do so of your own volition (unless you’re a hostage, or you misclick, or something else bizarre happens–point is I’m saying it’s out of my control what you do at this point). Feel free to leave at any time during your stay, please make yourself happy.

There is occasional homophobia, racism, sexism, etc. etc. on here. So folk sensitive to that (reasonable human beings, in other words) are cautioned. You’ll understand, if you do, that I mean no harm deep down, that often I’m just venting, but some people don’t accept that argument–if you are one of those people you probably don’t want to enter.

Not much in the way of macabre/gore but I won’t make any promises. I am fond of it so can’t say it won’t show up sooner or later…

But yes, just wanted to issue this general catch-all for you first-timers. Thanks a bunch!



Let’s Be Friends