A Good Haircut, Etc.

I got the cutest haircut. It was too long before, below my shoulders, but thinning. Now it’s just the thick portion, and it goes mid-neck. It looks really cute. The barber did a good job.

You may notice that I’ve used the word “cute” twice. You may also have guessed that I’m male. I won’t ruin the surprise. But I like that there’s some femininity in my look, without going overboard–no grief to people who do! That came out wrong. What I MEAN is, I respect those that totally like changing their gender. I like having just a hint of that whole thing, the female protagonist in the book you read as a child, in my look. That sort of thing.

Aaaand I doubt I’ll get any grief about it, because it’s short enough. I’m just really glad I was finally able to pull off a sort of bi- look. I’ve wanted to for so long. Without looking like a total terd. It actually looks nice!

It’s hard to abuse yourself without implicitly abusing others, isn’t it… which is mega sore b/c I love abusing myself. I’m a bitch, everyone; I’m a bitch! There. We’ll see who gets offended at that.

Plus I’m actually taking care of my beard. It’s short, and wherever it grows naturally, except I shave my neckbeard portion clean off. So it’s this combo of masculinity and femininity, and it actually looks good! Ugh I cannot stress enough. Maybe it’s because I’ve looked like shit for so long because hygiene and the usual has been beyond my grasp due to my condition. Regular things just get so hard. But I finally did it. Now just to maintain the beard…

I wish I could put pics up but this blog is confidential, so at’sa no-go. Sorry, polks.

Now I need to take a pic for my linkedin profile. Recruiters are 100000x as likely to recruit you with a picture! the slogan goes. What rubbish. It’s probably true but it’s still rubbish.

My brother and mom are seeing the Nutcracker without me, so I have to survive the evening alone. I think I’ll be fine. I like quiet lonesome evenings.

Aaaand I need  to reorder vape juice. Just mentally taking note of my errands, digital or otherwise.

I’m wearing a nicotine patch for like a few weeks now, and I think I’m vaping less. Not really sure. =/. It’s a hard addiction to stop. It’s very interfering with my lifestyle, so I want it to be done with by the time I get my next job. Yawb. Heh. Amusing myself, sorry there.

Aaaand I think that’s it for now. Thanks for being wholesome blogging neighbors! Was that a weird way to show affection?


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