Can’t porn cuz women are feminazis

Can drink

Can’t eat tuna cuz it’s excruciatingly inconveient

Can’t kill the parents cuz it’s illegal

Can’t escape my brother cuz the parents won’t let me drive drunk across the country

Basically a prison state

Welcome to America

Where nothing is allowed

Enjoy the sheeple

They’re vicious


Getting pretty fucking tired of backing down. Keep suppressing me like this and one of two things will happen:

1) I will become a white nationalist

2) Someone will launch some nukes (and you’ll thank me for it)

My pussy ass brother doesn’t want me to write this down but you know what? fuck him a lot cuz he’s a bitch

Anyway I hate everyone.


Okay. I had four beers so the thought police (y’all) aren’t getting to me too bad right now. Not too bad as in horrifyingly terribly much so, but less than usual. At least I’m aware of what garbage you are.

So anyway all music sucks.

I should drink more.


Just realized that I basically need coffee and alcohol as basic neccessities. Cannot survive without them, unless for some reason there are a lot of other good things in my life (not really probable).

You have to try so hard just to have a normal life. It’s not really fair. Things should collapse more and leave me alone less.

The server’s hardware is up and running but there are some mega network connectivity and OS software problems. Packages need to be updated but they can’t because I don’t have access to the router (digitally) and I don’t know enough networking to execute a tunneled network proxy to whatever wherever fuckall. Comcast kind of blows.

Super-stuck on my bioinformatics training/education. I don’t qualify for most positions because I’m not motivated enough! I mean I am; I just can’t focus and I’m scared of recruiters because the ones I’ve talked to so far have been psychologically abusive. I have like 3 years of proteomics and transcriptomic experience, which should translate pretty easily into genomics with a little training from the company, but I guess no one wants to deal with that? Spoiled pricks. This job market (the bioinformatics job market) blows but it’s also kind of interesting. It’s selective, there aren’t too many positions, but also I don’t think it’s the most popular discipline so like, you just got to keep self-educating and improving and wait around for the next position and be ready to sell sell sell your soul your crisps your campy drug trip hat everything you own to the company to the company so that they can pay you money you don’t need to buy things that others want you to have against your will so you can have a life that is not your own. It be like that sometimes. I.e. all the time.

Beyond that just barely putting up with the family. FYI by that I mean the parents (one male and one female) and one younger brother. The youngest brother lives by himself, but the middle younger brother pays his rent. We’re totally weird. *sticks bleeding tongue out*

Anyway. I would write more but I sure do love giving up early and failing all the time.


Really irritable this morning. I need to do something with my life beside just shit around on this assy blog. Wtf wtf. Who knows. I can’t study cuz I’m a braindead and and and…. actually, the evenings are improving. It’s no longer a delusional shitshow nightmare fuckfest. Well not completely, anyway. Which is nice.

But I still need to get a life.

Server’s up (hardware-wise). Some circular package dependency issues, anyway, Linux is not so hot shit all the time. But, well, I’m working on it. Will eventually migrate to a self-hosted (instead of blogging style, to save some dolla dolla bills.


This is pissing me off. Irritability is a bitch.

Well fucking anyway. I always have more to say and not the patience to speaketh it.

Thank you thank you thank you.