Hshahahahaha censorship I get it very funny you fuckass cunts very funny fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you.

So anyway the moral of the sotry: (cesnrioshrip hahahahaha v. funny fuck you fuck fu you fhck you fck y ou cuntass niggers)

When in SF

Buy not one glass of wine

But two bottles

If psychotic

Hahahahah kill yourself


I only had one bottle of wfuck fuck fuck the parents are garbage fuck fuck fuck hkill yourselves i hate you so much fuck you


So I want an opiate prescription for my pain but Kaiser is muhammed jihadist muhammed jihad allah terrorist organization (in disghuise ()) so I can’t ask for what I need because western medicine doesn’t give the sick what they need it just takes what it needs from those who need it.

So put anothter way:

I don’t want opioids. THey’re too strange. People terrorize me when I’m on opioids. Opiates are clean, though.

Fuck you Jeff Sessions.

Obligatory aside, non-apologies.

So anyway beside fucking up my train of thought and so badly do I want ot sue you you fuck fuck fuck you you sakc of shit and everyone else in general as well even disloyal non-supporters

So the point:

My medical provider won’t provide me medicine.


Spread the Word

Rampant censorship.


Just FYI no one threw me a birthday party for quitting smoking.

So, go ahead, think it’s incentivized,

Gay-ass niggers.


Creative Anger / I Hate Telepathy

I guess we’ll have to force it a bit. We’re not going to be full power by the end of the day and we have to hammer something out so in any case.

Bitch cunt.

Literally show me a song with musicality.

4/4 over-synthesized traditional chord progressions regurgitated with a new filter sold at a premium to the band for no reason just to get a fuckton of followers.

Sounds to me like a business.

Not like art.


Music used to be an art.

The fact that musicians (i.e. the business people of the new era) which I am referring to are called “artists” is a remnant of a lost era.

I think this era was lost before it existed.

It’s always been this way.

Some people are just more delusional than others.

Spotify is like the fast food of music. Can’t find anything good on the menu because the whole menu’s shit.

Well anyway. Bad analogy. I’m used to it.

Are you used to it? Doesn’t matter. You’re not important.

The government gave me more money for desperately trying to be a functional citizen in an economy of death. Thank you California, but seriously, train your police more than a few months next time. I’m looking at you, Finland. Not that people are happy there, but they’re definitely safe. From the police. Which are supposed to protect them. Wait, which country are we talking about again?

It’s okay. Shh-shh. It’s okay.

*slices throat*

And so life goes on without.

Today: Blackstone Merlot 2018. It doesn’t taste like dirt! So I’m guessing it’s not from Sonoma.

I apologize for the imagination and creativity; reality just isn’t doing a very good job lately, so obviously you would take your anger out on me, instead of the natural environment like you’re supposed to.


Burning down forests

Strip mining mountains

Expoloiting oil reserves

The quotidien.

It’s all good.

I wish these faggots would leave me alone. Gay people are so belligerent with their sensitivity. It’s like, one person hurts them and then they go and assault the rest of the human species with their “poetry” and “culture”. Completely artificial. Completely synthetic.

Poetry is mostly garbage anyway. Which means it could sell! Yessss. In business, baby.

Functional nastiness. The family doesn’t want me to. They don’t want me to anything. It’s real fucking shitty! Fuck you guys!

Raped on my birthday.


I could really go for some music and food right about now.

But problem is, there’s a bunch of fatass homos in the house shoving their egos down my throat so there’s not much room for love left. I was guessing on the grammar of that one but I guess it doesn’t matter, now does it?


Very synthetic.

Well anyway the poetry collective is stalling because one of our other members took charge and he’s slow as nails. “There’s no rush” i.e. nothing will get done, we promise. Typical creative types. Lazy bastards.

No more art.

I think I might kill myself some day.


No more art.


That’s about it.

Fuck. I’m so full of energy with nothing to spend it on. When in doubt: Censorship. DO NOT write it down. Who’s famous when no one knows who you are? And I mean, underground is just another form of fame, so let’s be real: You’re all jokes. Normal people excluded.

The job market: Overrun by Indian recruiters! They don’t have a fucking clue. No culture whatsoever. Completely devoid of life, sanity, and soul. Whitewashed trash, covered in fecal brown. Absolutely abhorrent/disgusting people. Apparently some (one or two) were good at math some time in the civilization’s history but I guess that could be completely fabricated propaganda, so it might as well be? Why give them the credit when they’ve undone it a thousand times over? I don’t get it. I’m not allowed to say this, but just between you and me: In general, Indian people are trash.

Phew. Managed to get that one on the page, somehow, in this a the p’lice s’tate.


But as the Doctor is a pimp and his companion is a slut, all TV is garbage, and again, I smell business! The typical pattern in the U.S. is: If it’s garbage, it can be sold. We export trash to our own citizens. In fact we import China’s! The U.S.’s economy is fundamentally revolved around the import, synthesis, and sales of garbage. It’s a fact. So.

I need to drink so much.


Okay I had a thought:

Lazy fat fucking lazy fatass fucking American spies


Indian Neo-Nazi brat-fuck children chess players.

The world is not good.


That was a swear word, btw. In case you missed it. Just joking! No, I’m not. I’m just trying to confuse you. But let’s be clear: It was a swear word. For sure!

People seem to be fond of heat death.

I hope we can quarantine the fuckers who wish it upon.

Entropic dissociation.


Dissolved atom by atom.

All the garbage.



That sounds nice to me.

Whoops! I just thought about eating again but my family shoved its fat fucking ego down my throat before I could even get out of my seat hahahaha fuck you all you’re garbage but anyway I’d rather starve because I miss being in shape and anorexia’s trending so don’t you want me on TV again?


Weak, yes; but I don’t care; I have wine.

Anyway the insanity should stay at about a stable level with some natural quantity of variation b/c I’m at the right-ish dose so here’s to hoping.



There’s no real good follow-up to that, I suppose. I wouldn’t be shocked if you were stunned.

Well it’s not 10 and I want to drink already. Mmmhmmm.

This is taking too long. Sorry you’re stupid, but I have to cancel the operation. Try doing it yourself next time instead of enslaving me.



Literally kill the dead baby.


A one black female Christian police officer.


Make sure to go through with the pregnancy before you murder the baby.