Some polite chit-chat for the day:

  • Um bullet points I guess
  • Nevermind, too tired
  • Anger makes people tired

Train of thought:

How about some food?

[to preface this: 4 AM; looking for something to do]

[voice turns into that of an asinine duck thing]


[voice returns to normal]

Well yeah I mean people eat when they’re hungry… or bored.

BUT THAT WILL MAKE  Y-O-U F-A-T! (Be weary, traveler.)

No no no, I mean, well, yes, but, we call them snacks.

Ahh. I see. Argument countered.

No but you have good points too.



But anyway. What fucking snacks are you referring to? In this house? Hah. Don’t make me sick into my own scorn.

I don’t want to beat anyone over the head with my pride (of lions), but, I am rather proud of that television reference. I still don’t know if that is an American or British TV comedy.

There. I even italicized it for you. Now we just have to be a little more organized on the internet and he’ll just pick it up.

Sure. Right.

Aaaaaand inner monologue promptly turns into an outward dialogue.

Why do I do this. Why do I talk to the audience like it knows me. No one knows me. Why do I delude myself so? Why the torture and remand?

I have no idea what is going on.

Just a statement of fact.



But rly let’s go downstairs and get a snack.




Have decided to–bleh, groggy (from two glasses? what gives?)–never look back and just accept what I have to do to get by and never feel guilty again.

Easier said than done.

If people don’t understand me because of their ignorance, power to them. Ignorance is bliss.

Now that I don’t vape anymore I just have to figure out what people do with all their free time all fucking day long.

I guess I’ll start to be “productive” once my brain rewires just a tad.

Well anyway I do have my productivity tabs open on the browser.


Money is just a click away?

Something like that.