I’m at a crossroads: I don’t know what to do.

Okay, so for starters, chores:

Goddamnit I hate colons.

No wait what I was saying

I have to txfer some of my care team from some folk in Oakland/Pinole to some folk in WC cuz better centralized I s’pose. Have been recommended of that.

God. Damnit. So much.

I need some nice tunes, something gentle and flowey, but like, can’t for the life of me think of what to search for. I don’t exactly want zen meditation shit–fuck I got drunk again last night.

They tell you no to, but don’t exactly explain what to do when the cravings hit. When the walls start closing in and you can’t stand the family’s abuse any longer. Yeah. They don’t explain that.

No one explains much of anything (to me) these days.

One more fuck (with vigor(,) this time!): my lower back is starting to hurt again. I tweaked it getting out of a lawn chair in the rear garden. Not quite a lawn chair in the canonical sense.

Fuck. Just thinking about how I used a slur on Instargargbaegegram.

Recruiters are still calling me and I’m still hiding from then. I don’t know what to say, California. I don’t know what to say. I’m sorry. I need the paltry sum of money (who lives on $10k/year?), but I also… I don’t know if I want a 9-5 anymore. I need to develop my skills in order to develop my confidence in order to develop the dolla dolla bills.

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of liking–come on, finish this thought…–just whatever–FACK–and then all these albums in your favorites that you hate the shit out of later cuz there was no real deep soulful connection.

I guess I break SD cards for a living. Hmm. =/

Ok. Starting to feel better. I guess.

I mean, I bought the 2021 MTG core set booster pack prerelease thing, fuck, sore throat and stomach ache. Absolutely should have showered after tennis yesterday. Hold on there’s a notification from my OS…

Wait, oh, duh! GParted! Hah.

Did I mention something about warfare last night? Plz ignore.

: )

So anyway (on with the formatting)…

Well I’m tired but my scientific record-keeping instincts are strong. So obviously I am going to give a sweeping overview of what happened:

Trying to format an 128GB micro SD card on Ubuntu is a pain in the ass when a) You’re not sure the card reader in your laptop works properly anymore? and b) the card is so corrupt it’s hard to even erase the shit on it anymore.

It has given me just about every error I can imagine so far, from everyone software I can imagine. The file browser kind of detects it, sometimes, but when I click on it to open, it says something is like not detectable or something something. Then GParted, the workhorse of file partitions on Ubuntu, is like, spitting out error after error at me, and Ignore doesn’t work, and Retry doesn’t work, multiple times, so I Cancel, and even that I have to try more than once! You have to Cancel the notification of the error more than once. Think about that for a second. The error is so persistent that it has literally tricked the operating system into yelling at you about how bad it is. All this from, uh, unplugging the SD card at the wrong time? Hmm. The engineers didn’t think this one through. Some general education or instructions would have been nice. I know the term hot flash.

Well this post has been sitting here for hours. I don’t know what I wrote but everything is fucked, as usual. Correspondence neglected.