Killing humans is more important than discovery.


Let me know how vengeful yall are feeling this week.

Pending that, if not too much, procee–Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck.


No, not really.

But really, I do hate you very much.

I wish to enjoy things.

But I see that is too much to ask for.

Very well.


Let’s write this down.

Wait, do I write that down?


Blogging is abusive

Blogging is torture, but only if you get the wrong stalkers. Which I do.

I forget the wrest.

Get the wrong stalkers, blogging is torture.

Blogging is torture.

B/c of stalkers.



Boring but

Oh god he took a picture of his face he’s so abusive and boring oh god boring and abusive



Well you have made an offer I can not accept.

Might as well make it legal (i.e. white trash law i.e. written in English) so in case the Haunted PS1 fucking sucks and haunts people and literally there are no games on it it’s garbage there’s no good games don’t look it up fuck you it’s totally stupid.


Is the lsa gna don e






I hope Italy gets bombed during the SARS re-epidemic.






What to say. Human garbage in my face.

So anyway.

One bottle (not that you wanted to know that, you piss) and, a little looser, but not much more functional or happy.

I haven’t taken a test in so long. I miss my life.

Photography still fun, but police state mega clamping down on my style.

Um. All politicians?

Not sure.

Clues recorded.

Theft natural.

Not a problem.

Cars explode sometimes.

Nowhere to go. No lab. Even if had one, probably psychologically abusive. Like family. Endquotes.

No wonder father is afraid. Not that he is. People just say that. Homophobia is a for of hate. End broken language. The language of Science. The Language of cultural rape. The language of English.

Can’t study others b/c police state (said that already).

Charming faeries on the loose. Does not bode well for my psyche, if they so choose as to dominate my marbles again.

Ghosts of people who pretended to care.

Garbage in my room.

Technology mostly doesn’t work.

No more safety, comfort, livelihood, rivolry, none-a-that.

Not even work.

No void. Void is good.

Just faggety ass fag-ass cunt-niggers runnin’ round killin’ me.

Fuck I am so angry with all of these rapists in my life.

I don’t know what to say except no never mind I really don’t know what to say.

Nowhere to go.

Trying to have like daily routines and all that fucking garbage that the pedants who are educated in pedantry white trash into down your fucking throat with ignorance in the side-spoon ala establishment for no reason in particular.

But much Jihad.

So unfiuckingfortunate.

Art expoloits humanity in that no good artist is recognized until after they are dead. I.e. no one cares, eat shit, fuck yourselves, this is all trite and remorseful. Super ambiguous and menial. It’s horseshit.

So anyway this is the evidence. Thanks for watching. I hope Guantanamo never closes.

Expansive, fuckall, etc.


I guess I am being harassed by everyone who knows me again. That is most unfortunate, that anyone would know me, that anyone would harass me, that anyone exists at all. Most unfortunate, most unfortunate of you. I disapprove strongly.

In other news, nothing works, but if you asked more specific questions I am sure I would be able to assist.

Nothing besides that, more or less. Just life, the stupidest most useless thing ever. So much suffering left to go!