I guess we blog more.

Shit fuck. I’m just sitting around doing nothing. Panic.

Man today I did some career development stuff.

And then MiniCom/screen.

Fuck. Linux.

So what else is new.

I can’t eat because my life is being threatened.

I ate dinner but it wasn’t very good. Mom always cooks b/c she is obsessed with food. I don’t know why.

I wish I could cook but it’s always not allowed.

Breakfast is tomorrow. I am not looking forward to it.

But you know what I’m looking forward to?

My coffee from shows up July 3. That should be Friday, if I’m not mistaken.

It might even show up early.

Hot damn. Happiness.

It’s too bad other people can’t handle you having good things in your life. Anyone like that deserves to die like instantaneously. Not painfully, just instantaneously.

And since they don’t care for one another, and people with good things abhor them, there would be no harm done.

Anyway I hope coronavirus knows what it’s doing.

But like I said, Mother Nature has a severe debilitating form of mental retardation. When you personify it. Which you only do if you’re stupid, as well.

Ah ah ah.

I wish there were like some snacks or something. This is lame. I fucking hate this house. I want to burn it down. But that’s super-illegal so I guess my suffering is a lot better?

Legal issues. I do have a law firm. This might be useful someday, for whatever reason. “Speeding tickets”.


By varjakBaby

Clinging, reaching out. Crying wolf when it's reasonable--all the fucking time. No one listens; you may free your ladder from the basement as due to rescue the light on the roof of the night sky. Favorite cheeses, in no particular order: Gouda, muenster, provolone, Havarti, Monterey Jack.

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