Had a beer. Thinking of slamming that bottle of wine downstairs too. Thinking about it.

There’s so much to dislike about so many people. I just attract the wrong type.

Anyway this house is a prison again. Nothing is allowed, nothing is fun, nothing is good. Not allowed out. Mom wants coronavirus so she doesn’t let me out of the house. It’s super unfortunate.

Um. Yeah that’s about it.

I’ll probably slam that wine downstairs.

As long as the house is a prison, for-fucking sure I will.

By varjakBaby

Clinging, reaching out. Crying wolf when it's reasonable--all the fucking time. No one listens; you may free your ladder from the basement as due to rescue the light on the roof of the night sky. Favorite cheeses, in no particular order: Gouda, muenster, provolone, Havarti, Monterey Jack.

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