Some times I can’t read at all. Now is one of those times, coincidentally. But that’s beside the point. The point is, I’ve complained about illiteracy on here before, and illiteracy is the wrong word because I can process the words, but I can’t put my eyes to them one after another without detestation and loathing for doing so.

Listening to some tunes trying to go through the Unity tutorial for Seralizing data types in C#. Computer science stuff.

It would be neat to get a job as a programmer. I think that would be better job satisfaction than lab work for me. I chose the wrooooong major. If I knew biology were lab work exclusively and not theory, I wouldn’t have majored. Such a waste of my precious time in college. Or physics. I loved physics but my stupid advisor made me choose. Bad influence. It doesn’t matter how poerful or wise they are; bad advice is bad advice and know it.

If anything I should’ve done computational biology.

I really fucked up with my decisions in my career. I chose the wrong grad school program. I had the opportunity to study in the beautiful city of Boston. Should’ve gone there. Under a famour physicist, for synthetic biology. That was way better than this pitiful nothing I did in Davis.

so many bad decisions on my part. So much regret, though not visceral.

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