Waiting for my drug rehab intake, 8 minutes left.

Sigh. I never have anything to do at times like this.

I’ve had it grilled into my head by my mother and brother that I don’t take very good care of myself.

I think I do. It’s just a rough job. Or, no other comment necessary.

Stomach ache is going to ruin my day. Wants to. Will probably have to take some more medication.

Nicotine patch on. Lozenge in. First lozenge, actually a bit of a delay before cravings for it kicked in this morning, which is good.

7 minutes.

6 minutes.

I don’t think I’ll sign in early, either. No reason to give them that courtesy.

The, it’s funny, the mint part of this nicotine mint, the mint part specifically is kind of cooling my insides. Ahh, and all that some such.

5 minutes.

I’m exhausted. Waking up first thing you do is wretch / dry heave, it’s not pleasant or conducive to good energy. I’m exhausted.

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