Playing Magic online feels like a full-time job. It shouldn’t be that way. It’s competitive and I like it, but it’s not fun, per se. It’s hard to describe. It’s amusing, I like it, but it’s not fun.

Thank you for reading my posts, those of you who do. I try to keep it appropriate. Sometimes I freak out, which is not good. But better vent in writing on your personal blog than go break things. Thank you to the priest dude (sorry for the crass terminology) who gave me permission to express myself on here. That means a lot to me. Even if I am atheist. I try to respect religion. I bash on it sometimes but I’m going to try to be better about that, do it less.

I reread some of my posts and noticed that I make a lot more spelling mistakes than I thought I do. It’s not good. Detracts from the experience. I don’t mind, personally, leaving it at that, because I have a lot of thoughts to put to cyber-paper. But I guess I could reread more closely and check. Double check. Eh. It’s fine. It’s just annoying. I wonder if I will improve. The feedback loops in the brain for improvement always sketch me out. It kind of just happens, brains are sponges for knowledge and skill, but I worry like, how long before such and such and I know this and that?

It’s curious.

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