I’m now going to get a quote to see about printing hard copies of our literary magazine! hooray!

Now, if it’s too expensive, like over $100, I won’t be able to do it myself. I just don’t have that sort of money for this project to be sinking into it.

However, if it’s under, I might consider it. And then we can give out copies at places or sell them online. Complimentary copies sounds great to get started. It’ll get our name out.

I’m not used to this, it’s all new to me, so if you have any advice, let me know.

(Thanks, Songs of Zamsara, for your guidance!)

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                1. This is a way better option. I knew something was wrong with those prices but I kind of took it instead of questioning it. Thank you for doing the extra research instead of giving up like me. I feel like a fool for my absurd finds now… But this is good. Does this sound like something we could all chip in for? We should, in a confidential email, state our budget restrictions and see about this. I can communicate with RB in email but I think I don’t have yours, you seem to go through him, so let him know what your budget level is.

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          1. yeah…those prices are ridiculous….there are also places that print Zines (exclusively ?) Maybe only feature one piece of artwork (like cover art), and the rest poetry….but make the booklet smaller (page wise). Can you see how many views the online publication has received so far ? I think it would be nice to have a printed paper circulating…..but needs to be inexpensive too….just haven’t found the right place yet….


        1. I’m not sure what you mean? We will be publishing an issue quarterly (every 3 months)–next one is April 30th. So, each issue has slots for poetry, prose, and artwork. The current issue is not up for modification, though technically possible as I have the master file, out of bounds territory.


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