I’m getting over my irrepressible urge to spam the feed. To blog incessantly. I feel I am stabilizing. The Depakote, for whatever reason, is working wonders. I’m decreasing the dose of kratom. So much success.

I got a “tentative offer” on the table about a job. I already mentioned this. I don’t know what that means. Like, how likely are they to hire me? A lot or just an inclination? They didn’t really say. It was through the recruiter.

If I am doing anything wrong just let me know. I think I am doing most things correctly, as far as blogging goes. Not to get famous, just to be respectful and polite and mind my own business, for the most part.

I could update more but, maybe later, when it is bursting at the seams. Or maybe a little before then. When the time is right.

A lot is going on but I’ll update you later.

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