I woke up knowing that what I take for granted, that being able to sleep as much as I want–litereally, no questions asked–is actually a luxury, not a right. And that it will be taken away when I have to go to work. I will have late nights and be groggy the next day, just like ever, and I will have to work through it. Especially with the kratom withdrawal, the insomnia, and the kratom period fucking up my sleep schedule.

Sleep is such a valuable thing to me. I feel that anything that infringes upon the right to a healthy night’s sleep is a crime against humanity. No joke.

And the thing is, what a “healthy night’s sleep” is varies from person to person. For me it’s quite more because kratom fucks up my circadian rhythm, unfortunately. So it’s like, eh, you can’t (looking at the doctors) impose standards on people when it’s so variable. And work and capitalism definitely impose standards.

I hope things work out when I get my job. I’ll likely sleep in on the weekend. But I value sleep so much.

I hope there are no mornings where I wake up and I feel my rights are being violated because I have to go to work.

This whole work thing I’m not a fan of, as you know by now. So, it’s kind of a necessary evil.

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