I’m really angry. First, someone, on here, on WP, who I used to follow, is like, hating on (presumably liberal) fact-checkers, which I have seen for the most part do a good job. I don’t have that much experience in journalism, or fact-checking, but it can’t be rocket science. There is a right answer, at the end of the day. And if you question that, you’re basically just a nihilist, not an edgy republican. Sorry to break it to you.

Then there’s some pop star on Tumblr boasting of like blah million record sales. Wow. You paid some distributors to shove advertising into unsuspecting victims’ faces in music stores and the shoppers are like, “Fuck my life, I have nothing left to live for, I might as well buy this,” and you’re boasting about it? I’ve seen how those albums get sold. It’s not a point of pride.

Some people are so backwards.

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