I find myself in this perpetual state of not knowing what to do. Why do I have to do anything? Because I’m restless. That’s archetypal restlessness. Is not knowing what to do, feeling like you have to do something, not being able to sit still.

Maybe we’ll decrease my risperdal 1 mg and things will improve. I don’t know. We’ll see what magic my psychiatrist has planned.

I kind of feel like writing more. Well write away!

Very little psychosis lately. Only episodes. “Only.” Episodes are hell. Psycho clown hell.

But still, the trace stuff, is mostly gone. I don’t want to speak too soon but yeah, the trace stuff is mostly gone.

Twitch, Twitch as always. Need more entertainment sources.

When you find a good artist it’s like, Ahhhh. Relief. But that doesn’t (that word has weird spelling) last forever, and then you need more, and where do you find the next good artist? Good art is hard to find. There’s a lot of art on social media, but not that much good art. See?

I don’t mean to be pushy though. Like what you will.

I imagine all the people cringing when I talk about all this private stuff on here. No one (hyperbole) reads this blog, though, so I think I’m safe. “Safe.”

The storage and communication of information is a fascinating topic. Just conversationally, even. Never mind the mathematical stuff. I should study some probability or read one of my math books at some point. They’re good reads! Totally different from what you’ll find from the day-to-day.

I just feel like there is so much to explore in reading, and I am missing out on all of it because of my condition. It’s horrible. =( wah wah.

I guess that’s all.

Woop! Almost forgot my nighttime dose of Depakote! *takes* There much better.

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