My Dimir rogues deck is getting kind of stale imo. It wins games, but it’s like, removal, combos, pump rogues, win. Very simple formula that few can stand against, but I guess it works?

What else was I going to say…

It’s such a pleasure to write all the time! I’m so glad I have this privilege. A blog is just right for me. And I feel, though numb from the kratom (metaphorically or not actually you know what I mean), that it pleases me in a very satisfying way. It’s a good outlet and fits my lifestyle. Even when I work, I’ll blog after I get home, probably incessantly still. lol.

What else was I going to say…

Patterns are fun. In writing. They’re fun in writing. Repetition is a motif whose power is not lost on me, so if you see it in here, it was likely deliberate. In here meaning on my blog. In this journal.

What else was I going to say…

I forgot! Ah well. I might tinker with this Izzet (Red Blue) deck. I think it has a lot of potential. I won a game in four turns one of these games just now. Real powerhouse if the right combos come out from the draw and my opponent doesn’t set up the right defenses soon enough.

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