I’ve been consuming kratom at a restrained pace the whole time, too. Maybe a teaspoon every half hour or so? That’s still a lot, but it’s a lot less than sometimes when I would binge, like two, three teaspoons per cup, every five minutes. I’m way better.

I want to extend my break a bit.

There’s a cool streamer (on Twitch) who plays Path of Exile that I just found. It’s an insane game. It’s like Diablo, but free, with in-game purchases to fund it. The builds are just insane. You can get so powerful in so many ways. I played a while with my brother (Alex) and it was a lot of fun! We have played video games together before but we don’t anymore. I guess he has other things to do. What a sorry excuse. If you love someone, you’ll make time for them. But if you just don’t want to, that’s a different story.

I’ll, I should, write some cover letters next week for higher quality job applications. I have been getting phone screens and interviews, but no offers yet. If it fits, I’ll take the first one I get. I’m giving whoever hires me a 1-2 week window to give me to adjust, prepare rather, before I start work. I think that’s reasonable and it seems standard.

I should read. If I just had more “good energy” I could do a lot more with my life. I think reading is time well spent. Now I have to figure out how to acquire that “good energy”.

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