Restless in my chair. We’ll see what the psychiatrist says. I took my morning dose but not of supplements.

I had two dreams last night, both with very refreshing atmospheres.

The first was like my mom and I were in a library, and she gave me a book to translate from English to French or French to English, and I was like Okay, 60 pages, or so, no problem. And we were by the beach and the library had this great architecture with a kid’s zone on the second floor in the middle instead of isolated in the back and just like an open floorplan and boy was it cool. Baby brother Andre was there, too.

The second dream was, a lesson. Mom said don’t drink and I felt drunk and she’s like If you’re drunk you can’t play piano, But as long as you’re not drunk you can always play piano. Makes sense to me. (I played two years in college and loved it, so yeah I could pick it up whenever I want… if I’m not drunk, like she said).

Then I woke up with a struggle.

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