Had a good hangout sesh with mom. We talked. She gave me an idea for a short story. A boy meets and old man who is a nihilist and teaches him lessons of despondency, then he meets a dog and the dog teaches him lessons of the carefree. Contrast. It will, of course, be written […]

Back to the routine tomorrow. Hopefully I can wake up on time. I always wake up normally when camping, naturally around 6 or 6:30 AM, which is glorious. Waking up without an alarm feels so good. Camping, though it makes me paranoid, is super refreshing. I miss it. I haven’t gone that many times so […]

This Soylent stuff is da bomb dot com. I am thinking of purchasing some on my own. It’s a bit pricey ($3 / bottle) but if you consider it replaces like a small meal, it’s not actually that expensive. When you think about it. I just can’t decide which flavor to buy! They all look […]

Went on a walk with mother, Alex, and Andre. I was exhausted. It wasn’t all too pleasant but my kratom cravings didn’t ruin it entirely. I need to decrease my risperdal, I just can’t live at such low dopamine levels. This isn’t fair. It’s all because of low dopamine. All my substance excitement seeking is […]

Writing is stupid. I don’t want to write. Wake up with no appetite, not even when I see the food, which doesn’t bother me. It bothers brother, as he gave me just now a soylent shake for vitamins, minerals, and calories. Banana flavor. He’s looking out for me, in small ways. Or big ways, you […]