Back to the routine tomorrow. Hopefully I can wake up on time. I always wake up normally when camping, naturally around 6 or 6:30 AM, which is glorious. Waking up without an alarm feels so good. Camping, though it makes me paranoid, is super refreshing. I miss it. I haven’t gone that many times so I’m not that good at it.

I forgot what else I was going to say. God! So many spelling mistakes! Miserable!

I’m at 7 teaspoons kratom so far. Way less than yesterday. It seems to be under control today. Although I did wake up halfway through the day, so, uhhh…

Back to the routine tomorrow, presuming I wake up on time. I hope I do. First it’ll be looking for work, which makes me feel productive, then it’ll be smashing my brain against the problems in the Unity game. Finally poetry of some sort. I should probably add on the Coursera but it’s too much for me. I end up finished around 3 PM which is kind of early and doesn’t prep me for the full workday when I get my job, unfortunately, but it’s close. Close enough, hopefully. I’ve been hoping for a lot, lately. A lot of really basic stuff. At least I’m not in the Flint water crisis… The government mishandles so many situations, it’s atrocious… I hate the U.S. government. It’s so slow and inept and corrupt. Politicians are either fluff or liars. No exceptions. It’s sad.

I’m getting tired of Twitch. I was watching CannibalQueen for a while, chatting in chat. She’s kind of a good person, chat is mild-mannered. It’s entertaining but too much isn’t.

Dad bought a new fridge. It’s in the garage. On top of the 2.5 that we already have. Two full size and one mini. Now we have 3.5 Ridiculous. Because he can’t stop buying too much food and he’s too disorganized to handle his own filth, he buys something that provides the capacity so he can be lazy. What a terrible man. Sort of goblin-like. The most annoying mannerisms, voice, and conversation habits. I walk into the kitchen I’m assaulted by conversation that is stupid and inane and biased immediately. Dude, I just want to have my meal in peace. Sigh.

I haven’t read in like a week or two. At all. Meaning the novel I was reading, or any of the other books on my Kindle. I love my Kindle though. You just lie down in bed with it and it’s like a portable library. Super convenient. I don’t mind that it’s not a real book, actually. I like the whole interface and everything. Charging when it’s low on batt is annoying, that’s the only bad part. Some people prefer real books, the smell and everything. I don’t mind missing out on that. If anything, I find the binding in real books often too tight and it’s hard to read them. I just haven’t done it much for years though so you can probably get back in the habit. I’m looking forward to reading more once we reduce my risperidone dosage. What a fucked up antipsychotic. Terrible side effects. Why can’t they make something with fewer, or none? Medicine is so fucked up. Everything has side effects, and it’s atrocious. I hate it.

Done bashing there…

I took an ondansentron (think that’s how that’s spelled…), a nausea medicine they give to chemo patients, this morning and it’s long-acting so I haven’t had any stomach aches the whole day, after I took it. The early morning was a train wreck is why I took it. I’m glad we have that, that they were conscientious enough to prescribe it to me and everything. Doctors are terse, but kind, in a strange way. I don’t really get it. Seems oxymoronic or hypocritical somehow.

Dad’s making carrot juice downstairs. Yum. I use his stuff, which feels like I’m betraying someone, but at the same time I hate him. I don’t feel like a hypocrite at all though. Free stuff is free stuff. If anything it’s his fault for acting the way he does.

I guess that’s it for now…

Thank you, to those of you who read, for reading!

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