I have a call with a recruiter in half an hour or a little less, twenty minutes or a little more. I’m trying to brainstorm for this story mother came up the plot for, it’s tougher than it seems, how to start, what to write. I have to get creative and imaginative, which are not my strong suits when I’m struggling in da real wurld.

Alright I’ve basically given up on writing this story until my phone call with the recruiter is over. Mom will be home around 4 and then she has to go to bed, I’ll have like half an hour to chat with her. Maybe she can give me some more ideas for the story. She comes up with story ideas very easily, I’m not sure if she does it in her free time, but English is a 2nd language for her so her writing is not the best. She has a visible accent even in writing. Poor grammar. She wrote a book! and I’m too unmotivated and unfocused to edit it for her. Which makes me feel like a bad son.

Point is, she can come up with the story, I can write it.

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