This might be a little hard as my fingers are copping out on me, but I think it’s worth it.

So, is this whole “I have no idea what to do with my time” thing a problem of unemployment? My unemployment to be specific? Because up until now I’ve just recognized it as a brain disease. Mental illness, they call it. And everyone’s going to have a different perspective, but, I don’t know. What if people could agree on things? And then, what am I going to do with this brain disease OR unemployment? I’m attacking BOTH problems! Jesus. This is difficult.

But what if I get a job, and I’m occupied all day, and I still hear voices. Then we’ll know.

Or if the voices go away (seems more miraculous), but I’m still unemployed. That could happen too, theoretically.

I don’t want to say anything could happen because that scares me, but the phrase does come to mind.

On a side note, mom gets bullied at work a lot. By grown adults. It’s strange. I don’t get it. I guess if you’re a child at heart that is possible? From what she says it is. I’ve had some nasty people at my workplace before. Not all of them, but the one where I was the longest. It was pretty pathetic. Rats. Not good to associate with rats. (Sorry, actual rats, for the insult–comparing you to people.)

I bet some real rats are real rats too, though.

That was a decent ending…

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