Now that I think about it, the whole recommendation letter thing is super weird. Trusting someone with your reputation, who could easily make things up and get away because of confidentiality, is a little weird.

Hmm, what else to say on that matter.

Oh! Mom responded to my email about almost getting published again. In a poetry zine. She said it was their loss.

If you know where to find me, you’d know who I am, but I am relying on anonymity-by-space-is-large to counter that.

Not only that, but slouching at the computer is terrible terrible terrible for my posture. I should at least get a desktop so I don’t lean my head down so much.

More kratom? Already?


But I do seem more mild-mannered than before, right? Even my venting isn’t technically psychotic, right? I meet that requirement for employment at your organization?

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