I think time compresses when I’m in bed. What seems like ten minutes is forty-five. I can’t believe forty is spelled without a ‘u’. Why? There are real reasons for this, mom. Not everything is fate and black magic.

Dad and mom apparently talked about black magic in the car on the way to her (cancelled) dental appointment.

She has tooth problems. Big ones. She needs a bone graft. Sounds painful.

Ellipses or no? I can never decide. I’ve been going with no ellipses lately?

Writing seems to be ameliorating the voices somewhat. Talking about them flares them up again. They get instigated easily. It’s this feeling of intense violation and dread. You probably know by now, by how I behave on here. Where is the boundary between speech and behavior? Something for the supreme court (I almost capitalized that) to ponder. See? No ellipses.

I have to make so many corrections to my writing. I do it as I’m writing, in-place. Faster that way, although my goal as of late has been to slow down. So I should reconsider.

So anyway what I was saying was I thought I laid in bed for ten but it was probably 45. And now it’s almost 3 AM. Already! Sheesh. What is this even.

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