So, that means I have the day off. On the plus side of all these stomach aches (the silver lining? is that the right phrase? what is the right word for a saying, anyway?) is that I have been precluded from ingesting any more kratom. So, one damaging perk (coffee) keeps me safe from another damaging perk (kratom). It’s almost like they’re competing for my weak resource, my digestive system, my weak weak digestive system, and they’re both greedy because they’re both overly passionate to claim me.

I’ve thought about this before, though not in that much depth–like what if plants had a consciousness or do have a consciousness, different from human or animal consciousness. And what if mold is different from BOTH of those!? Man that is a trip. This is the fun stuff. I like thinking this type of stuff. Science + science fiction, lul.

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