Something creative. Something above and beyond. Ruined by the sheer mechanical forces, the spelling mistakes, the human factor. The humanity is the only saving grace. I bask in it. There are no other flaws. We all see the sunlight.

When older dawns had dusked on me I went home for the evening. I went home peniless and came back a rich man. I have love. You have love.

There are others. Out there. There are others. In our arena. We all know this. There are some, no one knows them, but they hide, and they steal, and it is not fair. I did nothing today. The pragmatism creeps up on me. I need to get lost in something.

I say these things. I don’t really mean any of it. Of course I am slime for saying it like that. I’m a liar. I need so much. I need your love.

This momentum, this heft and hew of the waves, sickening in disgust and digsuise. We all love the momentum. There are other atoms who smash into one another, too.

Insomniac I am, i dance on the floor and wriggle my wings. I want the drugs. I want to roll. The art scene is dope. There are some criminals. They money launder. They are high up, but they are also usually fat. Heart disease on the way. Don’t worry about the kings, they don’t exercise.

It’s the fit ones you have to worry about. But they’re happy, so they do it right. Things work out. Evolution has no sentient hand behind it, but there is a logic to it.

We all are saviors of the lost times. I stay in this domain and not that for no other reason than for the love.

I love you and all you do. Never forget that.


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