Apparently Michelle Branch released an album in 2017 I haven’t listened to yet. Getting to that now.

I don’t know, this whole TV-/music-on-demand thing isn’t good. It doesn’t work for me. It doesn’t give you, present you with, new things out of the blue, by genre at least, but new random things, to explore and get to know your tastes. There’re no more happy accidents. You have to HUNT for media. And I’m not very good at it. I should write an essay on this. I’m pretty impassioned about this topic. Because my media consumption has been fucked for quite a while. Not only my brain disease, but my entertainment life has been shit for many years. So.

Hotel Paper is obviously a genius album. I listened to it on headphones to fall asleep at a tennis tournament in a hotel once. And of course, she has so many one hit wonders from earlier. The good ol’ 00’s. Alt’s high days.

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