I am feeling pretty good, even if I am getting a little bit of my recurring hallucination, tracers/faces/fairies. It’s not that bad, it doesn’t make me completely panic. Definitely the kratom (AND the Magic, fore some reason… gets my adrenaline up, so…) triggers it. In excess.

It’s sad that the Magic does that. I wish I could play Magic without getting kratom cravings. I don’t in real life.

That’s why I’d like to play with my brother. He’s sneaky, though; he’s really good at computer games, video games, all games. He’s a very smart cookie. Keen investor. Good at basically everything he does. Tennis his learning (lurning, lol) curve is a little, he’s getting there but sports take practice for him. But anyway, what I’m saying is, he’s talented and I love him. <3

Luv u bro.

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