Republicans (or more specifically, Far Right Republicans) seem very vocal about defending their God-figure the former president (I can’t believe I have to puke out that title with that slime). I guess every crime he committed is cool, provided it benefits them (but nothing Trump has ever done has benefitted anyone but himself, so more specifically the FRR go for the dregs: anything that beats down their opponents and the oppressed). Also, is it Constitutional, the trial? Eh, well, I guess we’ll slide it. Y’know? Like bend the rules a little. Just a little? A taste of your own medicine too much?

It may prevent him from running in the future in any case.

I can’t believe they waste my resources on their pathetic lives.

They go low, too, like insulting Democrat personality and intelligence. Nothing professional, all personal attacks.

Sigh. This is exhausting. I’m not a violent person and I shy away from argument, so hopefully no FRR find this post and yell at me…

Whatever. It is what it is.

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