I argued that Californians should not be treated like sub-humans (they receive a disproportionately low per capita voting power because of the electoral college system–somewhere like between 0.7 and 0.9 of a human being from nowhere states like Iowa). Someone disagreed (probably from one of those states) that California would have too much power then. But yeah, that’s how it works–the more people that care about something the more the politicians should reflect that. Someone is going to win. It’s just how it works. Plus, wouldn’t you say that the per capita voting power should be fair, instead of arbitrarily over-weighting smaller states? I don’t get it. Why are people from there so special? Probably Republicans are in favor of it and Democrats are in favor of a popular vote for that reason, among others.

Ugh there’s so much fucked with this country. Just fundamentally, even. I don’t really believe the Constitution should be the be-all end-all of everything, but it is. It’s good pretty good foresight from people from 200 years ago, but there’s things they couldn’t have foreseen that we have to deal with now that are not in fact in there. So what of those things? I can’t come up with any examples off the top of my head but it should be easy enough with a little thought.

Baby brother voted Trump the first time, too. Probably out of humor. I guess human death and suffering are funny to him.

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