Indian recruiters are largely slimey. Not all of them but a lot. They have few professional standards and always pressure you, make it your fault. They grew up at the top in a caste system and shit to the best of their ability on anyone below them. Fuckers. Die, fuckers. Die. Die off and may your breed go extinct.

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  1. I have always been a romantic and was very nice and loving towards Indian people….I love the Ancient Ayurvedic medicine, and reading their Ancient Hindu philosophy, and their beautiful art and clothing and architecture….. then there’s the bad stuff……but we all have a good side and bad side…. I have been in very close contact with the Indian community in the United States…. but I chose to see the good in their people and culture….

    But I know what you mean 😢

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      1. Yeah the cast system sucks…it’s actually illegal in India now … but it is in their blood…

        India is a crazy country… I would never go there alone that’s for sure !
        Otherwise I love the food & art & other culturally amazing things…I have met such beautiful people…. I love more than hate….

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