Going through the paperwork for my new job. I get to choose my recommendations. So, I chose two from my last job who I did well under, and my undergraduate PI, who I did a good job under. Eh. It’s normal.

I’m so scared about like, I won’t be able to function with just 50 minutes of break time during an 8 hour work day. =(. I’m not lazy; I’m just in a lot of psychological pain because everything is so fucking UNINTERESTING and UNENGAGING!! Ahhhhhh garbage.

Fuck. Labor law is so far behind Europe. France knows what’s up; 35 hour workweek 7 hour workday. Yeah man. Live life. Don’t be a save. Even THAT has room for improvement.

Jesus. I’m so anti-capitalism! This is insane! But really, if the 1% shared their wealth, we wouldn’t be in this shit.


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