I’m going to tell my employer, when they ask about the misdemeanor, that it is the equivalent of a noise violation (it is, it’s in the same class, I did community service to make up for it and everything), that I was too boisterous in public, and a little drunk. Does that sound alright? Not the ideal situation to be in but I’m looking for damage mitigation at this point, and not digging myself deeper. Looking for feedback on this.

I have a video thing with Nick to verify my passport for employment, too. We hope doing it over video chat is acceptable. It’s covid times, they can’t possibly expect us to breach sterility and do it in person. That would be legally gray area.

Just scheduled a follow up with my psychiatrist in 4 weeks. That’s March 12. 10 AM. Yep. I’ll have to take time off work or else figure something out.

Deposited an EDD paycheck. They have been more than anticipated for some reason but I won’t ask questions.

Just doin’ the do.

Did I have something else to say? I forgot. Ah well.

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