I’m not really good at video/computer games anymore, I don’t think I could learn anything new that easily, either. I haven’t played any in so long. Well, Magic, but that’s about it. And that’s turn based, so no reflexes or anything. Just decision making. No twitch reflexes required. No reaction time quick-twitch decision making like in many games. But I’m almost Diamond. It’s too bad it triggers my kratom cravings. I don’t think I’ll play anymore, for that reason. Maybe once I’m off kratom, and if it doesn’t trigger cravings then, I’ll start playing again. If my attention span and agony go away, I’ll be able to enjoy my media again, besides music, like video games and books. So I’ll play more computer games. I have a list I need to get through eventually, before I’m dead. Some Half Life 2 addons, lots of indie games. Lots of stuff. I’m not too interested in playing any of the new Pokemon. I was there when it started, and played Gold/Silver. Didn’t even play the Game Boy Advance versions. That’s enough for me.

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