I’d like to always have one RPG going. I love me a good RPG. Excellent storylines, if they’re not too cheesy. But if you get engaged that cheesy feeling goes away anyway. Sort of how it worked for me and Firefly, the TV show. That was good the good times. In college, my last summer there, during my intership. Wake up, lab, home, Firefly + beer, melatonin, sleep. Great lifestyle. Such a comfortable atmosphere. My college was a great place. Still a little social ostracism from my peers + they placed me in the wrong dorm first year, and the second year I got a bad dorm lottery pick, though my favorite room was by chance 2nd semester year 2. Years 3 and 4 I made the wrong decision of who to live with and what dorm to live in. I didn’t factor in that it was a drug/party dorm. I didn’t like it there. Plus the person I lived with was very superficial. I lived with him, not in the same room but in the same suite, because we were both on the tennis team and we thought it would be fun. In restrospect I was a bit peer pressured. I have always been susceptible to peer pressure. Part of the reason I don’t like people. I haven’t been tested in years, but I don’t know if I would stand up for myself or succumb. It’s hard to say. I like to think that I’m stronger. Who knows.

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