I was watching a bit of Harry Potter 7a with mom. It’s a good movie. I was proud of myself for being able to sit still long enough to pay attention for like half an hour or more.

Twitch is, as usual, triggering my psychosis. I think the streamer, on mute, is talking to me and threatening me, and I get scared. So I can’t really watch! But the movie with mom is fine. I don’t get it. It’s like my perverse fear of people I don’t know goes to extreme degrees and turns into torture. I’ve always been shy as a kid, even scared of strangers. Survival mechanism, but I’m sure it could’ve been less painful. I took a break from the movie to listen to some music on my computer. I’ve had too much kratom. I’m actually getting light-headed and dizzy. Not good. It’s not life-threatening, no one’s ever OD’ed on kratom except with other more culpable drugs in addition, but it makes me scared. I’ve had like 14 cups today. That’s a lot for anything!

Do you know the musical artist Azure Ray? I loved them in college, among many others. They’re very soft vocals with some guitar, drums, and mild synths. Love music. Soft love music, bordering on lullaby. I love it. It makes me in love, with what? I don’t know in particular.

Harry Potter is a lovely story. I need to finish reading A Spool of Blue Thread.

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