Getting to that point of the day where I start to get bored. Harry Potter 6 is an excellent movie. Mom is watching what she didn’t finish yesterday. We played Magic. Earlier we went for a 45 minute hike through the nearby regional park. My bit of excercise for the week, minus daily walks thru neighborhood. Brother as soon as we got home holed up in his room. Probably watching Twitch or something. He watches someone who RPs in GTA on Twitch, which I find interesting coming from him, such a formal person. But I don’t want to talk negative things. I’m at 9 cups of kratom and it’s 7 PM. So, a little too much, but less than normal, which is good. 10 a day is my next benchmark goal. There’s nothing really interesting on Twtich. Mom and bro are going to watch a scifi movie in the living room later this evening. Oh yeah, I won the game of Magic with mom because she was land-starved. I got an early advantage and overwhelmed her with zombies. As a random thought, Dredge is a good mechanic in Magic. I’m making a deck that will rely heavily on Dredge. I still have to buy more cards and do some more planning and research. Work starts in a week and a weekend. Excited, for many reasons. Something to do during the day, science, meeting new people, and a new culture. Lots of reasons to look forward to it.

That’s all. Just an update of what’s going on. We discovered some spinach artichoke dip in the fridge, had it with butter crackers. So good! Mom made black bean sauce and spices fish with brown rice for dinner. Should be good, but not in the mood particularly, until my apetite picks up. Watched the LCS thing. What else… Yeah I don’t really have anything deep for you. Mostly bored =( =O =P pfffff

Oh well.

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