Alcohol has left an empty hole in my heart. I would be drinking right now, if I hadn’t quit. I don’t know what to replace it with. I should ask my psychiatrist for that sleep medication he said he could prescribe me. I should take him up on that offer. I lose nothing but a […]

Fuck, what am I supposed to be doing. I’ve run out of amusement for the day. Nothing is entertaining. Everything is stupid. You’re all stupid. Fuck.

League of Legends is a BAD GAME. The level (yes, there’s only one) is SIMPLE. There’s no brainwork to it. Memorizing all the characters and their strengths and weaknesses is rote. Killing mobs to get coinage is rote. It’s not only a BAD game, it’s a STUPID game. If you play it I PITY you.

Blogging is not a good way to meet like-minded people. Diverse people, yes. Like-minded people, no. Unless you fall into that niche where it’s like, I can’t describe it, the blogger niche, where it’s all love respect and cheese. Epic cheese. Yuck.

Spent some quality time talking to mom. I’m 32 and I live with her. But we’re Ukrainian so it’s okay. Slavic people live as a family unit all the time, sort of like a lot of Asian families. I don’t know, if native or American. Talked Harry Potter, why our family is so curse (bemoaning […]

I have a stomach ache but I can’t throw up. I literally feel like there’s sludge garbage in my stomach that I need to get rid of but I tried to and nothing came out for a while. I had mom’s soup. That’s probably placating it. Memories of times blogging during intense episodes and… I […]

I don’t want to talk about what I’m doing. I don’t want to fucking do it. I don’t fucking care. I just want to nod. Dad is a sack of shit, a low slime ball. Little thoughts of him. Such a pathetic human. I am not driving him to get his car fixed. He bought […]

Dad lost allllll the keys. He has been losing them for a while. You’d think after the first two or three he’d pay more attention to them–Nope, keeps doing it. Brainless sack of shit. His marbles are definitely going. He’s getting old. Plus it’s fun to beat up on him because he’s evil. Justice is […]