I don’t want to talk about what I’m doing. I don’t want to fucking do it. I don’t fucking care. I just want to nod. Dad is a sack of shit, a low slime ball. Little thoughts of him. Such a pathetic human. I am not driving him to get his car fixed. He bought them he should figure it out on his own. Get an Uber. Loser. Stop buying things. He has no common sense whatsoever, and he is annoying and abusive.

I should lie down and enjoy the nod but I’m already addicted to the computer. Everything sounds like a label or excuse though. I’m not addicted, it’s something else. How do I explain anything? I’m hungry but I have to wait for mom to finish making soup. I love soup and her soups. If mom drives him she’s only playing into his hands. He has to learn to be self sufficient. We can’t let him leech off us like the parasite he is anymore. Fucking dumb fuck loser troll garbage.

I’m not here to cheer you up. No one reads this. I’m waiting on some mail, then we’ll print the lit mag. I should lie in bed and just nod. The increased Depakote increased my kratom needs, but the kratom also works better, so I can nod again.

Fuck fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you. Garbage. Trump needs to go to prison. He’s a financial fraudster and an inhumane demon. What a loser with such a loyal following base. Voldemort. In business form. Shitty businessman too. Mostly just a fraudster. Anyone who has any sympathy even, for him, is missing the point entirely.

Brother was happy to see us. I’m not explaining. Get out.

I’m not having any of it, and none of the words work. No such thing as magic. I need something to do. My power supply isn’t here yet. What the fuck? I need to check up on the tracking.

I can close my eyes and nod in my chair. Hnnnnnnn…

So, a fifteen minute nod in bed. Bliss. No substitute. Natural highs don’t come close. (Then there’s rolling. Then there’s LSD. Then there’s combining all of them. I’ve never done shrooms but apparently that’s fun, too.) God, I love drugs. Most aren’t even that dangerous, when used responsibly. The mania over the drug craze is out of control. Legalize drugs. Or as the advocates say–of which yes they exist, there are them–legalize drug users.

Threw up some kratom. I even like throwing the stuff up. This plant is amazing. So good. It feels good.

I need to do drugs once some are legalized recreationally. Once the shithead republicans are put to the grave and the country comes to its senses and the libertarian and green parties are the only competition. The republican party is shit slime garbage filth and it has always been that way. With the filth of the Earth in its support base. If you are and you find yourself reading this, I’m calling you out. Garbage. Go to hell.

Mom’s making rice pickle soup. I love it. Good dinner, maybe some more nodding, a good night. I don’t ever have anything to do, anyway. This is the purpose drugs serve. It’s entertainment like none you’ll ever find.

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