Brother got some Mountain Mike’s mushroom as the only topping. I am microwaving, the slices are really small and I didn’t eat much today, so five slices.

Ya, youtube is useless except for free music and if you want to look something up. The browsing feature is totally underdeveloped. I don’t know if they even have a genres section?

Shit, I forgot to go on my walk today. Sigh. I slept for four hours I was supposed to go for a walk instead. Would’ve been just as pleasurable. Plus now I’m going to stay up late. I must sleep for like 15 hours a day. Hmm. :3

Watching some folks play Ultima Online. Was a bit spoiled by that game as a kid. Dad got angry trying to set up our account for us (we were <18yo). It’s simultaneously a fascinating game with some excellent gameplay mechanics, and really, really stupid. The pathfinding and terrain are hard to navigate, you always get […]

It was in fact dad coming home to park his car in the one spot in the garage as the other is going to be used for storage. Dad will fill it up immediately and then some, wasteful man that he is. But there is worth in effort. Point is, it wasn’t mom’s car leaving, […]

This means that I woke up to the garage door opening and thought it was 10 and mom was going to work and I had slept 7 hours. It was in fact only four. Spelling mistake. Itching at me this whole post. If a thief is stealing your items, why would you not enchant your […]

[All the following happened 4 hours ago. I was asleep after that until now.] I just had a combination of peach and mint tea. Two tea bags, one of peach and one of mint. Wow it takes so many words to describe simple things in English. I’m just improv-ing it right now. I didn’t need […]