I’m in a jaded, pejorative mood. Looking down on everyone and everything. Teenagers are stupid. Children are stupid. American culture is stupid. Marketing is stupid. Capitalism is stupid. All the commercials that have ever been on TV are fuck shit stupid. Beyond stupid. They treat the viewer like they’re brainless.

VineSauce is showing classic game commercials on his stream. Lots of Pokemon commercials. It’s painful to watch, it’s so bad. Not like Harry Potter the movie or anything. Garbage. Jesus fucking Christ. Shit.

American TV commercials are just about the stupidest fucking thing out there, though. I don’t know how much money goes into it but it’s a grotesque waste. All of it. And they chop down forests to do all this. Losers. Fucking filth.

Trying to be more mindful of my swear words. Some of them just don’t work, because retards aren’t necessarily stupid, etc. etc.

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