[All the following happened 4 hours ago. I was asleep after that until now.]

I just had a combination of peach and mint tea. Two tea bags, one of peach and one of mint. Wow it takes so many words to describe simple things in English. I’m just improv-ing it right now. I didn’t need to speak here, I’m just not got nothin else t’de.

So… passing the time…

Interacting on a professional level with the staffing agency people processing my paperwork is already a joy. I can’t wait to talk with people from Roche. Scientists. My like kind of folk. Progressive, progressive people. Professionally, with tons of respect and formalism and just good… goodness.

I don’t want to talk about my kratom abuse all the time but it’s such a prominent thing for me. Anyway I had like four teaspoons/cups in the last hour. Too much. Starting to nod off.

I’ll write a poem on the other blog. Maybe no I won’t. Hmm. I’m not feeling the poetic juice. I need to ask Nick if he read the literary magazine’s first issue. It’s starting to get to where we’ll want to think about pushing out stuff for the second. Also I need to register the ISSN for the magazine. I’ll do that tomorrow morning, after my haircut with mom. From her. She’s cutting my hair. Just a trim, mostly in the back where I haven’t been able to see or reach with my casual trims on my own in the mirror. I suppose with enough mirrors, and dexterity…

Nodding. Ughhhhhhh so gooooood. Drugsssss. I can’t believe this stuff is legal. I guess you’re not supposed to use as much as I do.

I’ll just lie in bed…

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