Watching some folks play Ultima Online. Was a bit spoiled by that game as a kid. Dad got angry trying to set up our account for us (we were <18yo). It’s simultaneously a fascinating game with some excellent gameplay mechanics, and really, really stupid. The pathfinding and terrain are hard to navigate, you always get stuck, and there’s like, thieves? That alone is enough reason not to play. But slaying hordes of monsters in that games where it actually takes effort and time unlike Diablo-type games is way more satisfying. There’s not much strategy to combat, beyond watching your life bar and the heals (bandages or spells), but the leveling system is skill-based and makes for wonderful fun. Item creation is comprehensive. The world is large. Many monsters. I wish I had been playing for many years so I woudn’t have to reenter it as a noob. I don’t want to start a massive game like that out fresh at this point in time.

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