Alright, I woke up around 8, stayed in bed another hour, past my 8:30 alarm, mom came in to the room and talked a bit, and she’s now downstairs cooking for the day. Nothing magical happens if you wake up early / on time, as it turns out. You just don’t feel as lazy or beaten yourself up. Just drew the blinds open to my room for some natural light. It’s not much but it’s what I have.

So it is possible for me to wake up on time. That’s good to know. I’m not that groggy or anything, either. But I went to bed in good spirits, which means good sleep and thus waking up happy. I did wake up happy and cozy. Not the norm. Waking up can be very uncomfortable bordering on painful for me. Discomfort in the legs, can’t stay still because of it. Can’t enjoy bed.

The house is cold right now for some reason. Maybe dad left the door open all night? I don’t know. Or the thermostat is set wrong downstairs. Someone did something irresponsible, because it’s certainly not the machines’ fault (I guess that is a possibility too, but less likely).

Zoning out. Very welcome. Haven’t zoned out in the longest time. So many good things in life to just naturally experience. Life is enough, as we say in Soviet Ukraine. (Well, i made that last part up, actually… but still…)

I guess I get an early start on the day, in not knowing what to do with myself. Why’d my efforts on the Unity game come to a halt? Because it’s hard and painful. And the poetry? Not rewarding. An activity doesn’t serve, I dump it, as it turns out. Not very nice of me, selfish in a sense, not to go in for the long haul.

Typing is a bit challenging right now for whatever reason. Either my finger nails are growing out or it’s just cold. Cold fingers.

Cold fingers and hot tea. I need some tea. Or cocoa. Cacao or cocoa? Either will do. I’m trying to be silly but I think I’ve lost my secret touch.

Silly kids rule.

Oh whatever.

[Mandatory hating on Republicans for being humanitarian rights violaters, Religious cultists, and all-around evil.]

Okay that’s it for now. Thanks for reading, if you are.

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