Looking for something interesting. Ugh. Life is shit. There’s nothing to do. My psychiatrist is a bitch, he’s so like it’s easy to quit kratom or opioids or opiates, just join the healthcare program for detox. No, stupid fuckshit fuckface, you’re garbage, you’re not trained for this well maybe you should be. I am getting a phone call with the rehab services with my healthcare at 1:30 so why are you complaining. Fucking too strict and not at all understanding.

He’d defend himself he was just being frank. Asshole. Fucking bitch. Fucking loser.

I’m on a swearing binge in this post. Ass fuck shit garbage filth. Garbage humans, destroying the planet. Losers. Some countries with not enough power are our only hope. The U.S. has been a shithole for so long.

I keep getting calls from out of state. GO AWAY. Losers. Fuck why does everyone want to talk to me.

Garbage filth shit terd garbage shit. Garbage. Fuck.

Ugh I’m in a bad mood. I don’t know. And did I find anything to do writing this lovely post? Not in the least. I’m a loser. I’m such a loser. I need to start work.

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