There is nothing to do but things that are difficult. I don’t want to do. All I have to do that is easy is take kratom. So I do.

I don’t want a hard life. Hard work is deceptively titled. It’s not misery because it’s hard. You’re usually engaged and the mind is active. Hard work for me often IS misery and unengaging and terrible. I’m a failure, or else all of society is. I think the latter.

I have to do the ISSN registration for our lit mag still. I keep not feeling like doing it. The swatches for the paper weight for our hard copies of the magazine hasn’t arrived in the mail yet.

Everything is within the country except capitalism megacorporations like clothing manufacturers can outsource their labor easily. They can, we can’t, go outside the country. Getting normal stuff from another country is so hard and expensive and it’s totally fucking stupid. I want the world integrated, unified. This is shit, what we have. Think for a moment on it and you’ll agree with me.

Life is garbage. Nothing is good.

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