There’s nothing to do. It started that I couldn’t read books in late college. And it’s continued to this day. I was once diagnosed with ADHD (minus H, I think that was the official diagnosis, kind of weird to do it that way instead of just say ADD), but that was by a local regional clinic when my health insurance wasn’t as good.

I wish there was just medication to help you get off opiates/opioids. Fucking modern medicine is so far behind. It’s garbage. Cancer kills everyone for no reason and we can’t solve it. People are fucking retards (pardon the insult).

My therapist says get diagnosed or the possibility ruled out that I have ADHD with my psychiatrist. I can’t even bring it up with him. I’m tired of psychiatry. I don’t know what to do.

I need a hobby and apparently I don’t have one. Game design is torture. Nothing is fun. Life is not worth it.

I haven’t eaten anything today yet but I’m not hungry.

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