I need the poison. I needed three teaspoons of kratom immediately after I woke up from my 2-3 hour nap, one after the other, within fifteen minutes of one another. I feel empty without it. It’s like someone said to me, I’m so used to being miserable that without it I don’t feel whole.

Bitch from the staffing agency wants me to upload a check with my name printed (not handwritten) on it and I removed my name from my checks when I ordered them so I have to order new ones for $30.70. If I might as well, I got high-security checks. Useless fucking staffing agency. Staffing agencies are useless, though. I’d be just fine without them. They sort of pollute the landscape.

That banks charge you for checks is also highway robbery. Money is just backwards in so many places. Capitalism is garbage.

Garbage garbage garbage. Here I am parroting that word again.

I have nothing to do but I had my kratom so I’m okay. It’ll wear off after a short while. I might need to puke later, too.

Dried herbs probably don’t do much. I’d imagine they have to be fresh. All of them. Supplements are the epitome of nothing. People treating cancer with them? Yeah good fucking luck. The internet is not your friend.

But this is natural selection, still. The stupid and weak die off, while those with greater fitness for their habitat survive. It’s just how it is. This includes a healthy dose of skepticism and not relying on shitty (mis)information.

So what? What now? I don’t have a clue. There’s nothing I particularly feel like playing or doing period. I’ll just suffer on social media until mom goes to work, then go to bed, and repeat this trend until I work in less than a week. Yeah. It’s dumb.

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